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Babies and Toddlers and Bounce Houses

babiesWhen you rent a bounce house or other inflatable for your next birthday party, church picnic, block party or other special event, you want to make sure that all of your guests get a chance to share in the fun and excitement. That includes even the youngest guests.

But allowing babies and toddlers to play in the bounce house at the same time as the older, bigger kids isn’t safe. Not only is there the risk of their being stepped on or accidentally bumped, but the experience may be too frightening for them to truly enjoy themselves.

Time Out for Toddlers

One solution is to set aside time in which the bounce house is reserved exclusively for younger guests, such as babies and toddlers. The best time to do this is right at the beginning of the festivities when the other kids are busy playing games, eating, or doing something else.

Tell the parents of your youngest guests that if they want to get into the bounce house with their small children and accompany them as they play, they can do so during the first 30 minutes or hour of the party.

This allows everybody to enjoy the bounce house. But letting the littlest kids play first gives all the other party guests the rest of the afternoon to enjoy the bounce house.

No Big Kids Allowed

Then station a grown-up at the entrance to the bounce house or inflatable and have them prevent bigger and older kids from going inside while the littlest guests and their parents are enjoying themselves.

The gatekeeper can let the older and bigger kids know what time that they will be allowed into the bounce house and that they will have all the time they want to jump and play without having to worry about watching out for the smallest children. They usually will understand and will patiently wait their turn.




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