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Birthday Near Halloween? Add to the Fun with Costumes!

costume partyIf someone in your family has a birthday near Oct. 31, you can add to the fun and excitement of the birthday party you throw by encouraging guests to wear Halloween costumes.

Children and adults alike love dressing up for Halloween. Allowing your guests to wear their favorite Halloween costumes to the party will make your party more memorable and help your guests have a great time.

Bounce House Fun

Playing in the bounce house rental you get for the party is always going to be a great time for your guests, but playing in the bounce house while in costume will be even more exciting.

The children who attend your child’s Halloween themed party will love jumping around in their Halloween costumes. And you will love seeing ghosts, witches, goblins and other costumed children having the time of their life in your bounce house rental during the special event.

Build Your Own Costume

Another great idea for a birthday party held in the weeks leading up to Halloween is to invite guests to build their own costumes once they arrive at your party.

Drag out your costume box and borrow those of your friends and neighbors to give your child guests more options. Or buy a few inexpensive costumes and masks at your local Halloween costume store so the birthday party guests can enjoy themselves even more.

Your guests can spend hours trying on different types of costumes and playing with other children when dressed up for Halloween. You can even host a special “Trick or Treat” parade in which each child can show off their personalized creation in exchange for a special sweet treat.

Halloween Costume Contest

Holding a costume contest is another great way to add to the fun of a Halloween themed birthday party. Award prizes for the most creative costumes and let the guests themselves vote on the winner.

Halloween costumes combined with a bounce house rental is the best way to make your next October birthday party memorable.



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