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There are No Better Alternatives To Bounce Houses!

Bounce House Florida will always be there for you and your parties in order make them highly successful and productive.

Renting a bounce house is still the cheapest and most enjoyable way of celebrating children’s parties. Our Bounce house Florida rentals never fail to bring joy and laughter to the kids who come and celebrate the occasion. We at South Florida Party Rentals have been called on to serve hundreds of children’s celebrations and our hearts never fail to respond to the happiness that your children feel while they bounce, slide, and dunk those balls on the rings. We are glad to be in this kind of business and we promise to always keep our equipment clean and safe for your children.

We always see to it that we keep our promise every time we install a Bounce House Florida in your yard, in the park, in the church grounds, or in the office premises where you hold your carnivals.

Let us make this clear: We don’t charge wear and tear fees. The prices that we charge as rentals of the Bounce House Florida are final. We don’t collect other fees. We deliver, we install, and then we take it down again and bring it back to our office with no additional charges.

With rising prices on everything, some Bounce House Florida rentals can’t afford to accommodate supervisors to watch your kids while they’re playing. They’ve passed on to the parents to watch over their children. What they do is deliver the bounce house, install it, and leave the place. After the appointed time, they come and haul back the bounce house.

We don’t do it that way especially when it’s a big event. South Florida Party Rentals always sees to it that there’s somebody from our outfit to help keep things in order. This is especially so since more institutions are including bounce houses in their activities. Fire departments, orphanages, corporate promotional events, and church anniversaries include bounces as permanent fixtures without which the events may not be as successful.

Can we expect a rise in bounce house rentals soon? Possibly, with inflation rising higher between August and September compared to the previous months, the prices of bounces have also increased. If there are any price increases in bounce house Florida rentals, South Florida Party Rentals have not shown any inclination in doing so. But sometimes price increases are necessary to keep the operation not only viable but safe for everyone, especially for our children. However, don’t count on it happening soon.

Leave it to us at South Florida Party Rentals to supply everything your party requires, aside from bounce house Florida.

It’s a good time to create stronger bonds of friendship; increase your fun time collections of pictures and videos. Create more opportunities for those who need help. It’s as good time as any to show your generosity and become more adjusted to social life. Who’d think that bounce houses can create a lot of opportunities and goodwill. They’re one of the best inventions of the modern time. Their simplicity is also their strength.


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