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At Bounce House Party Time, Safety Comes First

Child on inflatable bouncy castle slideWhen it comes to the safety of our customers and their children, Bounce House Party Time doesn’t take any chances. We pride ourselves on having an exemplary safety record and we plan to keep it that way.

Bounce houses and other inflatables are generally quite safe to use. In fact, the reason many parents choose bounce houses for their children’s parties is because they are soft, safe, and gentle. Kids can burn off excess energy while playing enthusiastically with their friends in an environment that is designed to maximize their safety and security.

Bounce House Rental Broward — Securing Your Bounce House

Because they are inflatables, bounce houses are relatively light. So when it is important that they always be anchored and secure prior to every use.

In outdoor environments, the bounce houses from Bounce House Party Time are securely tied to the ground via a series of stakes that are driven into the surface to provide a strong anchor against the movement of the bounce house and weather conditions.

In indoor environments, heavy sandbags and rope ties are used to secure the bounce house so that it is safe for use.

We use secure anchors, thick ropes, and multiple points of contact to ensure that the bounce house can’t move even under extreme conditions.

Bounce House Rental Broward — Taking Weather Precautions

Another way Bounce House Party Time maintains its outstanding safety record is by never taking any chances with the weather.

If the weather forecast calls for high winds, thunder, and lightning, or heavy rains, we will inform the client that we cannot safely set up the bounce house outdoors until the dangers have passed. Depending on the situation, we may recommend that the bounce house be moved indoors.

At Bounce House Party  Time, we take the safety of our clients’ children very seriously.



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