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Bounce House Rental Broward

bounce house rental broward

Bounce House Rental Broward

Some parents wonder about the appropriate dress for their children when they are playing in a bounce house or other inflatable rental. Should they wear protective clothing around their elbows and knees? Do they need to be protected against scrapes and bumps?

The most important consideration when dressing your child for playing in a Bounce House Fort Lauderdale  or another inflatable is the outdoor temperature.

Keep in mind that your child is going to be more active than usual. All that jumping around is going to make them warm. So if you bundle them in layer after layer of protective clothing, it could cause them to overheat.


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The fact is that the surfaces of bounce houses and inflatables are very soft and made of latex or another type of plastic. There is very little possibility that your child will suffer a scrape or bruise simply by having their bare skin come into contact with the soft surface.

Layers of clothes usually isn’t necessary unless the outdoor temperature is cool.

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The biggest clothing danger to both bounce houses and the children who play inside them is shoes.

Children’s shoes typically are made of hard rubber or other tough materials. So the biggest risk of injury isn’t your child coming into contact with the soft bounce house surface, but their coming into contact with the shoes of another child.

Gym shoes and other children’s footwear also provides a gripping action. While that’s ideal when they are walking or running outside, it can be dangerous when they are playing in a South Florida Bounce House . Their tiny feet and ankles can easily become trapped in the crevices and crease of the bounce house if they wear shoes.

That’s why most bounce house have a strict “No Shoes Allowed” policy. Children should leave their shoes at the door so they can have fun and play safely inside.


Bounce House Rental Broward

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