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Bounce House Rental Pembroke Pines: Safety First!

Child on inflatable bouncy castle slideBounce houses are fun, exciting and the perfect accompaniment to any celebration. From backyard birthday parties to church picnics, street parties, and other special events, for children of a certain age the bounce house is certain to be the highlight of the party.

While bounce houses will pretty much guarantee that the children attending your event are going to have a great time, to get maximum fun from your bounce house rental, it’s important that you follow a few simple safety rules.

Grown Up Supervision

It’s important that at least one parent or another adult is watching the kids while they play in the bounce house at all times. Children can become very excited when playing with their pals in a bounce house or other inflatable attraction.

Occasionally, grownups will need to step in and exert a little control to keep everybody calm. Playing in the bounce house is a blast, but children need to avoid becoming over-excited.

No Running

Because the floors and walls of inflatable bounce houses, slides, games and other inflatables are soft, children sometimes feel as if they are invincible when they are inside them.

The soft padding of the bounce house will gently break their fall. But injuries can be avoided if adults implement a strict “no running” rule inside the inflatable attraction.

Different Sized Kids

 Another effective safety rule is to keep bigger kids and the tiniest tots separated. Allocate specific times for kids younger than 3 or 4 to use the bounce house. This will keep them from becoming caught in the crush of the older kids as they bounce around.

If there are teenagers or bigger children who want to use the bounce house, all smaller children should be cleared out first. It’s often a good idea to designate specific times for different age groups.



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