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Bounce Houses and Fireworks Don’t Mix

The Fourth of July is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the US. Everybody participates in the nation’s birthday party, regardless of where they live, where they were born, or who they are.

One of the most common ways to celebrate July 4th is with fireworks. Whether it is a community-sponsored fireworks display or a backyard celebration featuring bottle rocks, firecrackers and other incendiaries, the snap, crackle and pop of fireworks is as much of a part of the holiday as cookouts and sack races.

Bounce Castle Fun

Including a bounce house as part of your Independence Day celebration adds an entirely new element of fun and excitement to the party, especially for little kids who can burn off excess energy by jumping and playing in the bounce castle until the dawn’s early light.

But you have to be careful to keep fireworks and bounce houses separated because the two don’t mix.

Avoid Burns and Other Damage

Bounce houses usually are made out of a durable vinyl material that can be damaged if burned by an errant firecracker or bottle rocket. They also inflated with air, so even a single puncture caused by a burn hole can deflate the entire bounce house and put an end to the fun.

If you are using fireworks to celebrate the holiday this year, make sure you ignite them a safe distance away from the bounce house or other areas where young children are playing.

Shoot the Other Direction

Point bottle rockets, Roman candles and other incendiaries that are propelled straight up in the air and aim their trajectory that they land away from the bounce house. Even a burned out firework can be hot enough to damage a bounce house if it lands on it.

Never ignite firecrackers or other fireworks in or near a bounce house. Not only can they cause damage –for which you may be responsible — but they also can be harmful to the children playing inside.

This Fourth of July holiday, let’s all have safe, responsible fun in honor of our great nation!



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