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Should You Make or Buy a Birthday Cake?

birthday cakeAs the bounce house rental South  Florida residents choose the most, we’ve seen more than our share of birthday cakes. From the most elaborate, professionally made cakes to the most basic, homemade concoctions, we’ve seen them all.

The birthday cake is the focal part of any birthday party. It’s the “Big Event” that provides the capstone to the festivities. So you want to make sure the cake you present to the guest of honor is something memorable and special.

So does that mean you should make the cake yourself or buy one that is professionally created?

When to Make the Cake Yourself

Baking a birthday cake yourself allows you to give the party a more personal touch. Often, families can create a tradition that can live on for many years when the birthday cakes are always homemade.

If you are a skilled baker, creating and decorating your own cake gives you an opportunity to show off your talent. When youy present a beautifully decorated cake that is moist and delicious, you can impress your friends, family and neighbors with your cake-baking skills.

When to Buy the Birthday Cake

The problem with making the birthday cake on your own, however, is that it takes both time and skill. And if you are lacking in either or both of these, you might consider simply buying the birthday cake for  your next party.

You can purchase a birthday cake in the bakery department of most major supermarkets. Order your cake at least a day ahead of time to make sure it is ready when you need it.

Usually, the bakers will decorate your cake however you want. You also can order the type of cake you want, as well as which type of filling and frosting you prefer.

Writing a brief birthday message and your child’s name on top of the cake — whether you are making the cake yourself or buying it from a bakery — will complete the look and make the presentation of the cake the highlight of your birthday party.


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