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‘Do Seating Arrangements for Birthday Parties Matter?’

fotos del cell 623_2When you are planning a birthday party for your child, there are a lot of things to worry about: Sending out invitations, planning fun games and activities, ordering the birthday cake, buying the presents, and arranging the bounce house rental, among others.

One thing most parents forget about or don’t pay attention to are the seating arrangements.

Does It Matter Who Sits Where?

At a wedding or other formal event, there usually will be an intricately planned seating chart. This serves two purposes:

1. It assures that all the wedding guests have somebody to interesting or familiar to talk to during dinner

2. It prevents people who can’t stand each other from having to spend time together during the wedding

While these are realistic objectives at a wedding banquet, do seating arrangments really matter for a child’s birthday party? The answer is: “Yes and no”.

Planning the Seating

The biggest concern with seating arrangements at a child’s birthday party is mixing boys and girls. When children are very young — say, less than four or five years old — it doesn’t matter. Boys can sit with girls and vice versa and nobody will care.

But when children get a little bit older and start to become more aware of the differences between boys and girls, boys generally will want to sit with boys and girls will often want to sit with other girls.

(Ironically, when children grow up into teenagers, boys and girls prefer to sit in mixed groups again!)

Seating Solutions

While most moms and dads probably don’t want to go through the trouble of creating a formalized seating chart for their child’s birthday party, there are ways you can ensure that children sit where you want.

For example, for older kids, you can set up two tables — one for boys and one for girls — and decorate them accordingly so that everyone will automatically know where to sit. The girls’ table can feature pretty princess decorations and the boys’ table can have sports-related decor.

Once the meal is over, however, boys and girls of all ages will love playing together in the bounce house rental and your party will be a huge smashing success!


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