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Always Follow These Bounce House Maintenance Basics

bounce house dutch angleChildren of all ages love playing in bounce houses. They are a fun and entertaining way to blow off steam, get some exercise, and interact with other kids.

While bounce houses are always a welcome addition to any type of party or special event, maintaining a bounce house is essential to both their longevity and to the health and safety of the children who use them.

Here are some bounce house maintenance basics that will help extend the life and add to the fun of the inflatable bounce house:

1. Follow the Manufacturer’s Age Limit Rules

Most bounce houses are designed for use by children aged 10 years old dnd younger. Allowing children older than the manufacturer’s recommended age limit can cause damage to the structure.

If you aren’t sure of a bounce house’s age and weight limits, ask the rental associate who installing it. There also usually is a tag attached to the bounce house with this information on it.

2. No Shoes, Sharp Objects or Jewelry

Before entering a bounce house, children are required to remove their shoes, as well as anything they might have in their pockets, especially any sharp objects that might puncture the walls or floor of the structure.

Jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets also should be removed and stored safely. This is so they don’t accidentally come off and become lost or damaged while the child is enjoying the bounce house.

3. Clean and Sanitize Bounce House after Each Use

Every bounce house we rent is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every use. This is to prevent the spread of germs, to remove any spills, and to ensure the safety and security of our bounce houses for every customer.

Each house is vacuumed, then the fabric is wiped with a soapy, antibacterial solution. In some cases, a sponge or smooth brush is used to remove stains.

Ensuring that everybody enjoys the bounce house requires following these basic maintenance rules.



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