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Goodie Bag Ideas to Make Your Party Memorable

Renting a bounce house for your next children’s birthday party or another special event ensures that your guests will have a great time while they are celebrating. But presenting them with a goodie bag as they head home allows the fun to continue long after the party has ended.

Goodie Bag Ideas

Yet if you are hosting a party with a lot of children, stuffing a bunch of  goodie bags full of costly gifts can be an added expense. And if you include sugary candy and other non-nutritious items, your guests’ parents may be none too pleased with you.

Here, then, are some affordable,  creative and memorable goodie bag ideas that everybody will love:

  • Coloring Fun — Go to your local dollar store and buy some gift bags and inexpensive coloring book  for  each guest, along with a bag of balloons. Fill the balloons with helium, tie them to the bag and fill each bag with a coloring book, as well as some colored crepe paper.
  • Arts and Crafts — Get some bulk art supplies — such as poster board, watercolor paints, glitter, glue, and so on — at the Hobby Lobby or another crafts store and have your guest make their own arts and crafts projects during the party. Send each guest home with their art project.
  • Chalk It Up to Fun — Boxes of sidewalk chalk can be gotten for less than $1 each at the dollar store. Wrap up a box for each of your guest with some decorative wrapping paper, include some fun and colorful stickers, and they will be thrilled to be going home with a wonderful gift of their own that they will enjoy using for weeks to come.
  • Growing Up Fun – By some unbreakable small plastic flower pots and some seed packets at the Home Depot or gardening supply store. Include a list of instructions that explains how your guests can grow their  own flowers or  vegetables once they get home.

By showing a little creativity, you can use goodie bags to transform your event into something your guests will remember long after the party’s over.


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