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Guidelines to Help Keep Bounce House Time Fun and Enjoyable

Let’s face it, kids love bounce houses.

And what’s not to love? They are soft, colorful and offer a fun, exciting experience for children of all ages.

You want your kids to have fun playing in the bounce castle at your next birthday party, church picnic or another special event. But you also want them to be safe. So here are some guidelines to help assure that everybody has a nice time in the bounce house:

  • No Shoes Allowed — Children should remove their shoes before entering the bounce house. The purpose is two-fold: First, the sharp edges of shoes could damage or puncture the bounce house. The second is that it’s easy for children to accidentally bounce on the foot of another child while enjoying themselves in the bounce house. The “no shoes rule” reduces the possibility or injury.
  • Keep Little Kids Separate — Time should be allotted for smaller and younger children who want to enjoy the bounce house but could be injured if they share their time with older, bigger kids. It’s a good idea to alternate: Allow 30 minutes for children 3 and under, then 30 minutes for children older than 3. If there are a lot of adolescent children at the party, a third time period can be added.
  • No  Grownups — Adults should be on hand to supervise the fun but from the outside of the bounce house only.  An exception to this would be when very young children, such as toddlers, are playing in the bounce house. In that instance, a grownup may be on hand to help the child keep their footing.
  • No Food or Drinks — Playing in a bounce house where food or drink has been spilled is no fun. That’s why food and drinks are prohibited inside the bounce castle.

Follow these simple guidelines and children of all ages can enjoy their time in the bounce house safely.



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