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Hiring Entertainers for Your Next Kid’s Party

One of the best ways to make your next children’s birthday party, summer kid’s event, block party, school assembly or other type of kid-centric gathering memorable is to hire a live entertainer.

The addition of an age-appropriate children’s entertainer to your next event — in addition to a bounce house rental — can transform it into a magical experience that your child and his or her friends will cherish forever.

Finding the Right Entertainer

The key is to find a children’s entertainer who specializes in the type of talents you want at your party. Many professional children’s party entertainers specialize in a number of different acts. For example, you can hire a clown who also does a magic act or face painting. Or a children’s party magician who also creates balloon animals that party guests can take home with them as party favors.

Finding Children’s Party Entertainers

There are local talent agencies that specialize in booking entertainers for children’s parties. Conduct a Google search using the terms ["Children's Party Entertainers" + the name of your city] for the ones nearest you.

When you contact the talent agency, ask them to send you photos or videos of their best kid’s party entertainers so you can choose the one you want most.

How Much Will All This Cost?

Generally, professional children’s party entertainers are a real value. You can hire a clown, magician, musician or comedian for surprisingly affordable rates — and still have enough for a bounce house rental. Some entertainers cost more than others, so set a budget and then stick with it.

Another option is to hire the mascot for your local sports team to drop in on your next children’s party. While this tends to be more expensive, it can be a thrill if your child is an enormous fan of the local team. One word of warning, however: Mascots tend to be less interactive with the children. Usually, they will simply shake hands and pose for pictures, rather than performing a full show.


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