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Keeping Your Bounce House Fun and Safe

Kids go crazy over inflatable bounce houses. They provide a fun, colorful and exciting experience that can bring life to any birthday party, picnic or special event.

They are also extremely healthy for kids, at least when they are used safely. Jumping up and down and bouncing off the soft, vinyl walls burns up a lot of calories and provides children with a safe and protective environment in which to enjoy themselves.

Keeping Bounce Houses Safe

Yet bounce houses can also be dangerous if used incorrectly. Here are some tips to make sure your bounce house experience is both fun and safe:

  • Properly Secured — Make sure your bounce house is anchored properly to the ground. Most rental companies will provide professional installation of your bounce house upon delivery. But it’s always a good idea to double check to make sure all the anchors are mounted securely and correctly. A second set of eyes is always helpful.
  • Properly Inflated — Bounce houses are constantly kept at the proper inflation level through an air blower. But if a wall or floor has been accidentally punctured, it can cause more air to be released faster than it can be replaced. If you notice that your bounce house is not maintaining the proper pressure, get all the children out of it so that it can be checked for leaks.
  • Mixing Little Kids with Big Kids — One of the joys of playing in a bounce house is interacting with other children. But if some of the children are substantially older or larger than the littlest kids playing in the bounce house, it can be more dangerous and potentially increase the chances of an injury. A good plan is to allow the smallest children to play in the bounce house for part of the time, then remove them and let the bigger kids play in the bounce house if they want.
  • No Food or Drinks — Don’t allow children to bring food or drinks into the bounce house because they will almost certainly be spilled and make a mess that somebody will have to clean up.
  • Maintain Constant Supervision — Children playing in a bounce house need to be supervised at all times. Being in a bounce house is exciting and fun, so sometimes kids can get overstimulated or try to do stupid stunts that can lead to injury. If the bounce house rental company you used does not provide full-time supervision, make sure that there is always a grown up assigned to watch the kids while they are playing in the bounce house. That way, they can make sure all the kids are having a fun time without getting too carried away.

Bounce houses provide a fun, protected environment for children to enjoy themselves. It’s beneficial for providing a rigorous physical activity and can even improve social skills.

By making sure that your bounce house is supervised, functioning properly, and safe, you can ensure that your children will have a fun and exciting experience they will always remember. And that’s what being a good parent is all about.



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