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When Are Kids Too Old for Birthday Parties?

birthday girlWhile there’s nothing you can do to stop it, children eventually grow up. We’d all love for our kids to stay lovable little moppets forever, but sooner or later time and hormones turn them into teenagers and eventually adults.

So how long should you keep having birthday parties for your kids and at what age are they too old for traditional childrens’ parties with games, birthday cake, and a bounce house rental?

Ask for Your Child’s Input

All young children love traditional birthday parties. But once kids reach a certain age, inviting their friends to wear pointy hats and sing “Happy Birthday” can turn from fun and exciting to embarrassing and uncool.

How old that is for your child depends on a lot of different factors: How quickly they mature both emotionally and physically, where they fit in within the social order of their peers, and how many close friends they have.

Like it or not, parents don’t always understand everything that is going on in their child’s life — especially their emotional life. That’s why it’s always a good idea to ask your child for their opinion about how to celebrate their birthday before planning a big traditional children’s party.

Open Communication

Having a frank, open conversation with your child will save them from the embarrassment of having a birthday party that will make them look uncool in front of their friends.

But it also will help keep lines of communication open between you and your child. This becomes critically important as your child enters adolescence and their teen years, when they won’t always want to hang out with their parents.

Even if your child is too old for a traditional children’s birthday party, you can still celebrate with family and their closest friends on a smaller scale. The point is to make your child feel special without causing them embarrassment or social discomfort.



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