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Maintaining Order in the Bounce House

For kids, bounce houses are some of the most exciting things in the world. So it’s easy for them to lose their heads when playing with their friends in the bounce house rental.

While bounce houses provide a fun, safe environment for children to socialize and play, it’s still necessary to maintain order. Fighting, arguing, pushing and hurting the feelings of others is not acceptable behavior — inside our outside of the bounce house.

Maintaining order requires enforcing a type of compassionate discipline. You want your children and their friends to enjoy themselves, but you also want to maintain order.

Set Ground Rules

Children like to know what the rules and boundaries are. By laying out a set of ground rules — such as no pushing, no shoes, getting out when they are told, and being respectful of others — parents can establish parameters for kids to follow.

When a child breaks one of the rules, make sure not to turn a blind eye. Give them a “time out” from the fun for a few minutes so they understand that their actions have consequences.

Other People’s Children

Involve the parents of children other than your own when enforcing the rules of the bounce house. Disciplining another person’s children can be tricky. You don’t want to cross a line.

The best approach is to bring the child’s parent into the situation and have them be responsible for disciplining their own child. Try not to judge other people’s parenting skills even if you disagree with them. You ultimately are only responsible for your own kids.

Still, if somebody else’s child is being naughty and their parents can’t be found right away, you may have to step in and take action. If necessary, order everybody out of the bounce house until the kids can calm down. Then allow them to return when cooler heads have prevailed.



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