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Parties are Perfect for Desserts and Bounce Houses … But Not at the Same Time

Pastel colored sweetsParties are special times. Whether it’s a birthday party, a church carnival, block party, or another special event, parties are the time to celebrate and have fun.

That includes indulging in sweet, delicious desserts that you wouldn’t ordinarily eat. These can include cakes, cupcakes, candy, ice cream, cookies and other sweet treats that are fun to eat … even if they aren’t always that good for you.

Bounce houses also go perfectly with any type of celebration. Like sweet, sugary desserts, they are something special that are ideal to enjoy once in a while but probably not all the time.

Bounce House Rental Fort Lauderdale — Enjoying Both Bounce Houses and Desserts

In fact, bounce houses and sugary treats go hand in hand. When children eat foods with a lot of sugar, they have even more energy than usual to burn off.

When you provide a bounce house as well as a sweets table at your next special event, children attending your party will have a place to blow off all that excess energy they will get from the sugary concoctions they consume, rather than running around your party and causing a commotion.

Bounce House Fort Lauderdale — Keeping Desserts Out of the Bounce House

While desserts and bounce houses go together well, they shouldn’t necessarily be enjoyed at the same time. In fact, eating inside the bounce house is generally a bad idea.

It’s difficult to keep control of the food you are eating in the bounce house when other children are jumping and bouncing around. And spilled ice cream, cake, and other desserts can create a mess that is not only unsanitary but also unsafe for other bounce house users.

Parties are meant for having fun. Enjoy your desserts at your next event. Enjoy your bounce house as well. Just don’t enjoy them both at the same time.


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