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Preparing for Your Bounce House Rental

bounce house rental south floridaYou’ve planned your party. You’ve ordered your bounce house rental from Bounce House Party Time.

Now what?

While the professional bounce house technicians will set up and secure your bounce house rental at the scheduled time, there are a few things the party planner can do to streamline the process so that when your bounce house arrives, everything is ready to go.

Bounce House Rental Broward — Identifying a Spot

The first question your professional bounce house technicians will ask when they arrive is where you want your bounce house rental erected. Identifying a location ahead of time can save time and confusion.

The ideal outdoor location will a relatively flat area on grass, asphalt, or concrete. Indoors, just about any type of flat surface will do, as long as it is flat.

Whether it is indoors or outside, your bounce house will need to be close to an electrical outlet so that the electric blower can be plugged in. If that’s not going to be possible, you will need to let the rental company know ahead of time so that arrangements can be made to bring a generator.

Bounce House Rental Broward — Your Bounce House’s Arrival

Generally, somebody will need to be there to greet the professional bounce house technicians when they arrive so that they can go over details about where and how the bounce house will be set up.

In some instances, the bounce house can be set up without somebody representing the renter there to greet it, as long as arrangements are made in advance and details are clear for both parties.

Bounce House Rental Broward — Watch the Weather Report

The weather can also influence whether or not your bounce house can be set up. If it is actively raining or storming, it is not likely that your rental can be used safely. In cases of inclement weather, we will be happy to work with you to reschedule your reservation.



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