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Should You Rent or Buy a Bounce House?

photo 5 (8)There’s no question that bounce houses provide hours of entertainment for children and adults alike. But if you are planning on featuring a bounce house at your next party or special event, should you rent or buy one?

Before you make that decision, here are some things to consider:

  • Cost – While there are occasionally some relatively inexpensive bounce houses available for sale at such places as Sam’s Club, Costco and other “big box” stores, these tend to be smaller and less durable than commercial bounce houses. They also have limited capacity, which means fewer people can enjoy them at any one time, and often are more prone to punctures, split seams and other structural damage due to their low-quality materials.
  • Variety – If you buy a bounce house that you plan to use for birthdays, picnics and other special events, it’s always going to be the exact same bounce house every time. But if you rent a bounce house through a rental company, you can choose a different model — or even a different inflatable feature — ever time. This provides more variety and keeps your guests from becoming bored with your bounce house.
  • Convenience — When you rent a bounce house, the rental company will deliver the bounce house, inflate it and secure it. Later, when the event has ended, the rental company will break down the bounce house, pack it away and remove it from your property, making renting a much more convenient option than buying.
  • Storage –When not in use, a bounce house is deflated and it is stored away for future use, along with its air blower. This can take up considerable space in your garage or storage shed. When you rent a bounce house, however, the rental company will set it up and break it down for you so that you never have to worry about storage.


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