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Requirements for Setting Up a Bounce House Castle

bounce house pompano beachBounce houses bring fun to any type of event. Whether it is a holiday party, a winter birthday party, a church picnic, or even just adding magic to a typical weekday afternoon, having a bounce house just makes life better.

But certain conditions have to exist in order for a bounce house to be set up safely. The top priority is always the health and safety of the children using the bounce house castle. So if these conditions aren’t met, the bounce house can’t be properly set up.

Bounce House Rental Fort Lauderdale — Flat, Stable Surface

The first condition is that bounce houses can only be set up on flat, stable surfaces. This is because the force of the children jumping in the bounce house is projected to the ground beneath the structure.

If the bounce house is erected on a soft or unstable surface, or on an incline, for example, the force of this impact could cause the structural integrity of the bounce house to fail, potentially causing the bounce house to flip over deflate.

Bounce House Rental Fort Lauderdale — Weather Conditions

Another important consideration is the weather conditions. High winds are one of the biggest dangers to bounce houses.

Bounce houses are tethered to the ground with stakes, much like a tent. When they are inflated on hard surfaces like cement, sandbags are used to keep bounce houses stable.

But dangerously strong winds can topple a bounce house. That’s why we won’t inflate a bounce house if the wind is too strong.

Temperature is also a concern. While children are usually willing to have fun in a bounce house no matter what the temperature if it is too cold or too hot, it could impact the fun.

Bounce houses are one of the most enjoyable ways for children to have fun. But safety considerations take top priority.



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