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‘So How Do Bounce Houses Work, Anyway?’

Bounce houses are made of reinforced durable vinyl that is rip and puncture resistant. A powered air blower continually pumps air into the sealed inflatable chambers that make up the walls, floor and ceiling of the bounce house.

Most bounce houses also have netting for windows. This allows fresh air to pass through the bounce house while children are playing inside. It also allows parents to supervise their children while they are jumping inside the bounce house.

Why Doesn’t the Bounce House Pop?

As new air is pumped into the bounce house, air escapes through its seams. That’s why you will often hear a hissing sound coming from the bounce house.

The air pump is powered by an electrical cable that is either plugged into a wall socket or powered by a gas-powered generator. If it’s the latter, you also will hear the sound of the generator’s motor running in the background.

Where Can the Bounce House Be Set Up?

Setting the bounce house p on grass is best because it provides a softer ground in case children slip and fall getting into our out of the bounce house. When bounce houses are set up on grass, they are staked into the ground to provide stability.

Bounce houses should always be set up on level ground, otherwise, as the children bounce, they might end up bouncing downhill and bumping into each other.

If no grass is available, bounce houses can be set up on concrete. If this is the case, the bounce house will be secured with sandbags rather than stakes and a tarp or rubber mat usually will be placed beneath it to protect it from becoming scratched.

Can Bounce Houses Be Used Indoors?

Bounce houses can be set up in a gymnasium or other indoor spaces that are large enough to accommodate them. Usually, the air blower will be plugged into a wall outlet in this instance.


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