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Supervision Is Always Required with Bounce House Rentals

roofBounce house rentals are a great way for children of all ages to enjoy healthy, athletic fun in the great outdoors. But they always require strict adult supervision, especially when teenagers are around.

Let’s face facts: Teenagers are always looking for ways to push the boundaries and see what sorts of hijinks they can get away with. It’s a part of growing up.

Unfortunately, teenagers and bounce houses aren’t always a good mix — especially if there isn’t enough grownup supervision.

Roofs and Bounce Houses

The “great ideas” that occur to the teenage mind often seem idiotic to the rest of us. You would be surprised how many times some teenagers see a bounce house sitting next to a garage roof or the roof their home and automatically think about how fun it would be to jump from the roof onto the soft, bouncy bounce house.

This is a monumentally bad idea and the reason why is pure physics: The force caused by jumping onto the bounce house from a height will almost always is going to be equal to the force that propels the jumper from the bounce house.

The result can be broken limbs or other potentially serious injuries. Not such a great idea after all.

Bounce Houses and Smoking

Even though most people today understand the dangers of smoking cigarettes, it’s still hugely popular among teenagers.

The problem is that cigarettes and smoking don’t mix. Bounce houses are essentially giant balloons and, even though their walls are made of durable vinyl rather than thin latex, a lit cigarette can puncture it.

The result is a ruined bounce house. And if your signature is on the rental agreement, you are the person responsible.

Teenagers and Bounce Houses

Past a certain age, bounce houses and teenagers are a bad combination. It’s a better idea to leave the jumping fun to the younger kids and let the teenagers go do their own thing.


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