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Swimming Pools and Bounce Houses Don’t Mix

Summer is a time for playing in the pool, having fun in the bounce house, and other outdoor fun.

But it’s important that your children enjoy these activities safely and responsibly so that they are not accidentally injured. Kids can get very wound up when they play and they don’t always think rationally.

That’s why it’s important for grownups to take actions to protect their children while still allowing them to enjoy all the summertime fun they can handle. One of these actions is to keep swimming pools, water play, and bounce houses separate at all times.

Risks of Swimming Pools

Pools inherently present the risk of drowning. Even if a child is a skilled swimmer they are still at risk of drowning if they experience an abdominal cramp, aren’t paying attention to what they are doing, or slip and fall. Children need to be supervised in swimming pools at all times.

Similarly, children also require constant supervision in bounce houses.

Bounce houses encourage children to jump around and bounce up and down. So there’s a built-in temptation to jump as high as possible.

When swimming pools are located next to or near bounce houses, it doesn’t take much imagination on children’s part to envision the “fun” of jumping from the bounce house directly into the swimming pool.

Unfortunately, if the child misses their mark, they are going to land on the hard ground, where they can easily be injured. The best solution is to keep swimming pools and bounce houses as far away from each other as possible so that this temptation is removed.

Keep Water Away from Bounce Houses

Other party activities involving water — such as a “slip and slide”, water balloons, and water cannons — also should be kept separate from the bounce house for safety reasons, not to mention the fact that they make it more difficult to clean and maintain after the event is over.

Water is fun. Bounce houses are fun. Just make sure both types of fun are kept separate at all times.



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