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Tips for Improving Your Bounce House Experience

Bounce houses are the perfect addition to any celebration, whether it’s a birthday party, block party, or church picnic. Because they are so affordable and convenient, you can even just order a bounce house just for fun anytime you like!

Children love bounce houses because they can spend hours enjoying themselves with their friends. Parents love them because they know their kids are having the time of their lives, but in a safe, protected environment with plush walls and a soft, bouncy floor There’s even protective netting to prevent them from falling out.

Bounce Castle Fun

Bounce houses are already a guaranteed great time. But here are a few tips for making your fun times in the bounce house even more fun:

  • Use Name Tags — Those paper name tags that say, “Hello My Name Is” are a great way for parents to tell children apart, especially if a big group of kids is using the bounce house, such as at a birthday party or school function. They also make it easy for kids to get to know each other better because they don’t have to go to the trouble of asking the other child’s name.
  • Separate the Younger Kids — Bounce houses are fun, but you want to make sure everybody is safe. Set aside a designated time for the very smallest kids to use the bounce house without having to worry about the bigger kids accidentally injuring them.
  • Combine the Bounce House with Other Entertainment — Having a bounce house at a party adds an element children will always remember. But you can double down on your fun by also booking live entertainment for children, such as a magician, a clown, or a singer.
  • Play Party Games Inside the Bounce House — Games such as “Duck, Duck, Goose”, “Statues” or “Tag” are doubly fun while played within the safe confines of the bounce house. 


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