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‘To Slide or Not to Slide, That Is the Question’

Bounce house rentals offer many different options. You can rent an enclosed bounce house that allows children to jump around inside a soft, safe environment without having to worry about falling out. Or you can rent a bounce house that includes a ball pit where children can frolic and play in a pool of colorful balls.

Another option is to get a bounce castle that features a slide. Children can slide down the chute out of the bounce castle, adding another element of fun to the experience.

So which type of bounce house rental should you choose for your next birthday party, church picnic, block party or other special event? The answer depends on a number of different factors.

Where Will the Bounce House Be Set Up?

The first thing to consider is where you will place the bounce house. If it is placed on a concrete patio or in an asphalt parking lot, you probably don’t want to rent one with a slide because children could become injured sliding down onto the hard surface.

But if you are going to erect the bounce house on soft grass, a slide may be the better option.

What Will the Weather Be Like?

Bounce houses should never be used in extreme weather, such as during thunderstorms or on exceedingly windy days. But even normal weather — cooler temperatures or cloudy skies — can influence your decision on which type of bounce house to rent.

On hot, summer days, a bounce house with a slide will give children the option of playing either inside or outside the bounce house. On cooler, overcast days, they might prefer to spend more time inside the bounce house, where it warm and dry.

How Much Supervision Will There Be?

Children should always be supervised when playing in a bounce house. But if there’s a slide, you will need additional supervision, including someone stationed at the foot of the slide to help children off and to prevent them from falling.

Once you determine the answers to these questions, you are better prepared to make the best bounce house rental decision for your next event.




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