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Top 4 Options for Birthday Cakes

There are lots of things you can do to make your child’s next birthday part more special: Rent a bounce house, hire a clown or magician, plan lots of fun games, and send guests home with a goodie bag full of treats.

But at any birthday party, it’s the birthday cake that always takes center stage. When everybody gathers around to sing “Happy Birthday” as the guest of honor blows out the candles on the cake, it’s a magical moment.

When it comes to which type of birthday cake to feature at your next birthday party, there are four levels.

The Designer Cake

Specialty bakeries and cake shops can now create any type of cake you can imagine. It can be shaped to resemble your child’s favorite cartoon character or can be designed to represent something that has special meaning, such as a toy train or hobby horse.

Designer cakes have become so popular that they have spawned several TV shows devoted to featuring the most outlandish designs. The downside with designer cakes, however, is the cost. A single cake can cost hundreds of dollars, depending on how elaborate and how much detail you want,

The Store-Bought Cake

Most major supermarkets and bakeries have pre-made cakes available in a selection of different designs and colors. Usually, the bakers will be happy to spell out your child’s name in icing along with a brief message such as “Happy Birthday” for little or no additional charge.

Store-bought cakes often come designed with popular TV cartoon show or Disney characters, so it’s easy to find one your child will find delightful. These types of cakes are generally quite affordable as well.

The Cake Mix Cake

If you want to make your child’s birthday cake yourself but aren’t an experienced baker, there are easy-to-use cake mixes and canned frosting that you can pick up in the baking supplies aisle of most supermarkets. These inexpensive mixes produce great cakes while requiring minimal skill.

The Scratch Cake

If you are more confident about your baking skills, you can bake your child’s birthday cake entirely from scratch. Use a time-tested recipe that has been in your family for years or research a new, tasty recipe online that includes ingredients your child will love.

The scratch cake usually is the most affordable option. Many of the ingredients may already be in your kitchen.


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