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‘What Are the Best Clothes for My Bounce House Rental?’

boy on slideWhen it comes to having the most fun in your bounce house rental, the clothes that your child’s guests wear can make a big difference.

Generally, loose-fitting clothes that provide the most amount of air circulation are best. These include such things as baggy shorts and t-shirts in warmer weather, and comfortable jeans and loose-fitting sweatshirts in cooler temperatures.

Jumping Is a Workout

Keep in mind that children exert a lot of energy when they plan in a bounce rental — whether it is a bouncy castle, an inflatable slide, an obstacle course, or some other sort of fun, inflatable party rental.

In the same way that you wear workout clothes when you hit the gym, children should wear the appropriate clothing when playing in the inflatable rentals at your next special event.

Wearing too many clothes could cause kids to overheat. And wearing inappropriate clothes — such as skirts for girls — could cause embarrassment.

No Shoes Allowed

One article of clothing that should never be allowed in an inflatable bounce rental are shoes. Gym shoes, hard-soled shoes or other types of footwear can damage or even puncture the vinyl of the inflatable.

But they also can cause injury to the child wearing them. That’s because the soles of shoes can easily grip the surface of the inflatable, twisting or turning an ankle or tripping the child.

Then there’s the danger to the other children to consider. When kids are jumping and playing in an inflatable, inevitably they will bump into each other or land on each other’s feet. If one of the children is wearing shoes, it can be dangerous to others.

Leave Shoes at the Door

That’s why it’s important that there always be a “No Shoes Allowed” policy. Post an adult at the entrance to the bounce rental to enforce this rule and make sure to supervise children as they play.



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