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‘What’s the Best Clothing Options for a Bounce House?’

Children love jumping in the bounce house. They can spend hours having fun with their friends bouncing around without a care in the world.

Parents love bounce houses because they know their children can have a fun, enjoyable time in a safe, controlled environment. Thanks to the inflatable floor and mesh walls, it’s very difficult for children to get hurt inside a bounce house.

But what about clothing? Are there some types of clothes that are better than others when it comes to playing in a bounce house? And is there anything children absolutely shouldn’t wear?

What to Wear

Generally, bounce houses are pretty versatile. They are made from a thick vinyl that is difficult to puncture. So unless there is something especially sharp on a child’s clothing — such as an unusually large zipper handle or sharp buttons — just about any clothing is fine to wear.

Loose fitting clothes are usually more comfortable for the child, however. So you may want to have your child change out of suits, dresses or other more formal attire before they get into the bounce house. (This will also save you money on dry cleaning and pressing!)

What Not to Wear

Normally, children are discouraged from wearing shoes into the bounce house. This isn’t so much for the bounce house’s sake — the heavy duty vinyl usually will stand up to the rubber soles of children’s shoes just fine.

Instead, it’s for the safety of the other children. When bouncing around in a bounce house, it’s not always possible to predict where one will land.

So if a child is wearing heavy shoes — or even lighter gym shoes — they could potentially harm another child if they land on their feet or hands.

No Shoes Allowed

Shoes also can grip to the surface of the bounce house floor. In very rare instances, this could result in a sprain or twisted ankle.

While this is not likely, it’s a good idea to make a “No shoes allowed” rule the next time you rent a bounce house.



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